The operation of wastewater treatment works is subject to legislation. This is applied and enforced by the Department of Water Affairs (DWA).
The operation of waste water treatment works is subject to…

  • THE NATIONAL WATER ACT, 1998 (Act No 36 of 1998)
  • Amendments WATER ACT (No 399 OF 2004)
  1. Taking of water from a water source & storage of water
  2. Engaging in a controlled activity, identified as such in section 37(1): Irrigation of any land with waste or water containing waste generated through any industrial activity or by a water works
  3. Discharging of waste or water containing waste into a water resource through a pipe, canal, sewer or other conduit and disposing in any manner of water which contains waste from, or which has been heated in, any industrial or power generation process
  4. Disposing of waste in a manner which may detrimentally impact on a water resource.
  • THE WATER SERVICES ACT, 1997 (Act No 108 of 1997)
  • IRRIGATION LAW – Legal Limits
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Septic Tanks, Soakaways & Conservancy Tanks

* Ensure you check with your local municipality the relevant “By Laws” that may be applicable. These may vary from one municipality to the next.

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